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OGS Purpose:

The Ohio Gastroenterology Society (OGS) was specifically formed to advance the legislative and practice management related issues of Ohio gastroenterologists.

It is our society's goal to:

...Promote quality patient care in the practice of gastroenterology.

...Advance the legislative interests of gastroenterologists in the State of Ohio.

...Address practice management related issues affecting Ohio gastroenterologists.

...Provide a forum for professional fellowship among Ohio gastroenterologists.

...Educate the public concerning the types of services provided by gastroenterologists.


The In late 2008, ACG Governor for Southern Ohio, Dr. Norman Gilinsky of Cincinnati, and ACG Governor for Northern Ohio, Dr. Costas Kefalas of Akron, discussed the establishment of an independent state-wide GI society. A survey of Ohio ACG members indicated significant interest to pursue establishment of such a society.A Founding Governing Board was established. This consisted of Drs. Gilinsky and Kefalas, as well as Drs. Amitabh Chak of Cleveland, Ramesh Gandhi of Kettering, and Victor Jochem of Columbus. The Founding Governing Board met on August 1, 2009 in Columbus. At this meeting, the Ohio Gastroenterology Society (OGS) was formed for the purpose of advancing the legislative and practice management issues of Ohio Gastroenterologists. A Code of Regulations for the Society was written. Plans for the first annual meeting in 2011 in Columbus were conceived. Dr. Kefalas was elected to serve as the Chair of the Founding Governing Board.The OGS was officially incorporated in Ohio as a non-profit organization on October 22, 2009. The Founding Governing Board served as the leadership of the Society until the election and installation of the first officers of the Society, at the 1st Annual Meeting, on September 17, 2010. These officers are Dr. Kefalas, President, Dr. Alan Safdi of Cincinnati, Vice-President/Secretary, and Dr. Gandhi, Treasurer. Columbus was selected as the host city for the 2nd and 3rd Annual Meeting of the OGS.

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