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OGS Annual Meeting Update

It is time to meet.

You have gowned, gloved and masked. You have avoided friends and family…

Now it is time to learn, at safe distance, with your Ohio colleagues at the Ohio Gastroenterology Society Annual Meeting.


Last year we pivoted in the face of the pandemic and brought a cutting-edge virtual conference, but this year we are planning to return to in-person learning. 2021's program promises to add some additional dimensions to round out your GI education and allow you to reconnect with your fellow Ohio GI providers.

Save the date!

September 18, 2021

Columbus, Ohio


Amy Hosmer, MD

Luis Lara, MD

Christopher Deitch, MD

Simona Rossi, MD

Victor Navarro, MD

James Walter, MD

...and a few more special guests.


Thank you for your membership and attendance.


Shaffer R. S. Mok, MD, MBS

Chair, Education Committee

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